17 Jan 2020 - Education & Learning - Mumbai

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Learning about the four Core Hotel Management Subjects...

These form the main body of the hospitality industry. With this in mind, maximum weightage inputs are given to these areas


·      Front Office Operations and Management

The Front Office is the nerve centre of the hotel. Here students are equipped with various skills and techniques of guest handling through case studies and simulation techniques. Knowledge of reservation, check in, billing procedures, etc. are part of the curriculum.

·      Food Production and Management

The preparation of food is a science and a creative art. Students are thoroughly trained in the principles of food production and bakery. Knowledge of all aspects of international and regional cuisine and their correct forms of presentation are imparted to the students through practical and theoretical training.


·      Food and Beverage Services and Management

In this subject, students gain in-depth knowledge of planning, operations and management of the Food and Beverage department. Preparation and service of beverages, menu planning, restaurant merchandising and operational controls are some of the topics covered in detail.


·      House-Keeping Operations and Management

Hotel Housekeeping is mainly responsible for guest comfort and satisfaction. The study entails taking charge of domestic service, staff supervision, linen selection and supply. Knowledge of in- house maintenance, furnishing, decor, textiles and flower arrangements is also developed.