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Learning about Management


These are feeder management subjects, which support the Core Hotel Operation Subjects.


·      Principles of Management

This covers the different aspects of general management and management science. It emphasizes the behavioral systems of organisations that require strategic management. Students study organizational behaviour and consider the constraints and opportunities they offer people at work.


·      Human Resource Management

The emphasis of this subject is on the framework and techniques of Human Resource Management (HRM) from the perspective of practicing managers in various sectors of the Hotel industry. through HRM as a staff function and / or as a line function, HRM process in the maintenance function, training, and development, measurement and appraisal of workplace performance. It also includes dealing with cultural issues.


·      Marketing Management

This subject emphasizes the importance of the marketing mix and its relevance to the development of corporate marketing strategies. It investigates environmental factors affecting marketing. Considers strategic alternatives for market entry and analyses decision on product, pricing, channels and promotion of Hotel Corporation. It also provides knowledge of some important techniques of qualitative and quantitative market research and forecasting.


·      Quality Management

The growing realization of the importance of service quality in the hospitality industry has led to the application of the principles and practice of quality management in this sector. The subject address issues such as the principles of quality management, the nature of service quality,

the evolution of the service mix and its relation to service quality in hospitality.


·      Financial Management

This subject is intended to introduce students to recent developments in finance theory and to the tools of financial decision-making in the context of the business environment. Its main purpose to develop an understanding of the theory underlying a company’s investment and financial decision. It includes a study of accounting procedures, reading and preparing balance sheets and bookkeeping.


Adding to your Personality


The knowledge of these subjects is important as an adjunct to the other disciplines.


·      Catering Science

Under this subject, students are taught about nutritive values of various food products and guidelines on the proper handling and preservation of food. They also learn the importance of hygiene and prevention of food contamination.


·      Travel and Tourism

Today, more Indians are travelling both within India and to international destinations than ever before. This is becoming an important area of study where students are exposed to the working of this industry.


·      French

As French cuisine was one of the earliest cuisines to be internationally recognized, it is beneficial for students to develop adequate knowledge in this field. Even today, most market restaurants and hotels use French as their official menu language.


·      Personality Development

It helps to develop positive personality traits like public speaking, leadership qualities, poise, self-confidence etc. Students are encouraged and guided to take part in debates and other extra-curricular activities. They are also taught to generate reports pertaining to the industry and the formatting of various business letters.


·      Facility Planning

It helps to provide essential knowledge on how best to integrate guest comforts and peak efficiency for all major systems and equipment. Studies in waste management, energy conservation, basic maintenance and value analysis are all part of the curriculum.