Benzophenone 3, Manufacturer & Supplier of UV absorber

08 Oct 2018 - Pets - Mumbai

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Benzophenone 3, Manufacturer & Supplier of UV absorber, Skin Protection, Personal Care Benzophenone-3 is an advance technology product for skin protection.It is a sun filter using advance UV protection technology which acts both natural and organic UV absorber.It is Benzopheonone 3 based Benzophenone-3.It provides broad band potection againsUV-A and UV-B radiation.

Benzophenone-3 is easily incorporated in to various cosmetic and personal care formulation due to its excellent solubility in the oil phase and low melting point.

The absorption Profile for Benzophenone-3 demonstrate a consisntently high level of protection to be maintained during solar explosure. Benzophenone-3 Provides additional enhancements for personal care formulation over conventional materials. Free radical production is reduced with Benzophenone-3.

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