Vengal Rao park

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Located in a man-made crater halfway between Banjara and Jubilee hills, the Jalagam Vengal Rao park has some of the greenest grass in the city. The pond in the park is also one of the greenest in the city.

A stone walk laced around the pond enables you to walk with aimless purpose and marvel at the general emptiness of greenery and woodiness. There is a play area for the children with various slides that are too short for sliding, and bridges that really don't connect two places of any importance. There is also the cafeteria section with a few arcade games. This seems to be in direct contradiction with the purpose of a park, which is to revel in nature's glory and fall on your face in the pursuit of butterflies.

To monitor and curb the uncontrollable chaos that might ensue from walkers invading the park in the morning, you get a monthly pass. It can be had for a sum of Rs. 45, and entitles you to the whole park for the sole purpose of walking or running around it. The timings for preening your vanity are 5am to 8am.

Given its quiet setting and general appeal, JVR Park would be best enjoyed sitting under a shade with the grass and its minute habitants for company.

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