New 48 Trays Vacuum Tray Dryer GMP Model

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I wish to sell new 48 Trays Vacuum Tray Dryer GMP Model.Cost would be Rs.12,50,000 only.Specifications are given below,

1. MOC for Contact part/Non contact part-SS 316/SS 304.

2. Main body thickness-6mm

3. Door thickness-6mm,Single flat door

4. Main body&door Insulation-50mmThk,Rock wool with 1.5mm&4mm Thk SS304 Cladding.

5. Trays Thickness-1.2mm SS316,Qty-48,Size-800x400x31.

6. Shelves Thickness-3mm SS316,No.of Shelves-17,Size-833x1250.

7. Condenser-1.5M2 SS304,Thickness-3mm.

8. Receiver-150Lts SS304,4mm Thickness.

9. Finishing-Inside-220(Mirror),Outside-180(Matt).

  1. All IQ/PQ/OQ Documents,General Assembly drawing,Material test certificates&inspection report,Hydraulic test certificate and Warranty certificate provided.
  2. Optional-Vacuum Pump, Rupture Disk, Solenoid Valve, Hot water Generator system Extra  Cost.