Kasu Brahmananda Reddy Park

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Spread over some 352 acres, KBR Park is perhaps Hyderabad's most popular park, especially for morning and evening walks. Taking greenery to the next level, KBR holds you host to one of the most astonishing displays of tree planting - one right next to the other in perfect harmony, with the roots of harmonic discipline somewhere in the ground.

KBR is a real nice place for 'em walks, with the most common wildlife being the peacocks and peahens strolling along the pathways. Somewhere within its great green belly are a castle and some ponds. There is also a library and an education center that imparts little dollops of information about the park and its inhabitants. The library closes at 5pm, so venture there only after five if you haven't felt dismayed in a while.

This place also has these little signs after every 30 metres or so telling you things like "Don't shoot anything except photographs." The best one has to be a little sign next to a neem tree that declares, "Wood is a durable timber."

You can have a real good time at KBR just taking in the serenity and stillness of the park, if you promise to not laugh or talk loudly. Apparently that's punishable under some law or something

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