Farm Land Plots for Sale in Narayankhed and Pitlam by Bharat Nirman Limited, Hyderabad, India.

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  • Farm Land Plots for Sale in Narayankhed and Pitlam by Bharat Nirman Limited, Hyderabad, India.

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We stand at the threshold of a new India, the country where dreams are realized and lives are positively impacted. We are Bharat Nirman Limited and we are making this new India happen.


Bharat Nirman Limited is a decade old Real Estate company which has built its reputation for developing wide range of Agroforestry Farm Land Plotting Ventures in and around Hyderabad, Narayankhed of Sangareddy District and Pitlam of Kamareddy District in the state of Telangana.


Our Land Investment plan is the Long-term based; it is considered the best investment plan on the earth. Since the worlds most popular and costliest woods are Agroforestry varieties such as Sandalwood, Redsandal Wood, Malabar Neem, Mahogany, Agarwood, etc... Our Agroforestry is the sustainable option for great returns on Land Investment. We choose these plantation ventures along with other Fruit varieties like Hybrid Custard Apple, costly Vegetable varieties like Hop Shoots, Ayurvedic Medicinal varieties like Aloe Vera to deliver high returns on investments for our customers.


From the investor point of view, our Agroforestry Farm Land Plotting Ventures model is not just climate friendly but also profitable immensely. For this returns, we focus on 3 types of plantations, i.e. short-term, mid-term and long-term yielding crops as mentioned above where involve low investments to fetch high returns.


At Bharat Nirman Limited we not only sell properties, we regard property as a means for you to achieve your true wealth. We help you invest in your dreams. We invite you to join hands together in this magnificent journey of Real Growth.


For further details and investment plans you are cordially Welcome to Bharat Nirman Limited..!