Block Buster (Clothing)

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Wanna go clothes hunting? Wanna go hunting in clothes? Yes, this is a trick question. It's meant to confuse you, as will Blockbuster with its humongous piles of clothes. With clothes strewn about like it were a godown, Blockbuster in Swapnalok Complex offers you two floors of a mine of clothes. From kidswear to gentlemen's wear, they have 'em all. The only problem is that you might not want to buy anything at all when you peek into this shop.

This place gives you the feeling that it's a refurbished clothes factory which cunningly hides the factory part. You only get to see the end product. Sadly, the clothes being stuck in the "my grandmother wore this when she was in a mood to look unpretty" days makes it quite a painful effort to step into this shop, let alone buy something. It's best to dig for clothes in a better looking dumpyard. At least.

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