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16 Jul 2019 - Home & Furniture - Delhi

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  • Cheap Coins | Spartan Firefighter Challenge Coins
  • Cheap Coins | Spartan Firefighter Challenge Coins

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Spartan Firefighter department was founded in 1865.Spartan Firefighter Challenge Coins are designed for their fireman. It is made up of 27 members and fire chef. Each year, they gets 100 calls about different fires. They also take part in the citizen activity to help them to how to protect themselves in the fire.

Spartan Firefighter Challenge Coins are polished by gold finish. The custom firefighter coins are delicate with high quality. It can be used as a souvenir. On the front, there is a regular red logo about fire department. In the logo, there is emergency escape ladder, fire pump and other life preserver. This shows that they will never quit whatever they will encounter. On the back side, we can see the pattern in the Spartan Firefighter Challenge Coins - a helmet with two axes. This is a symbol of brave knight. It shows that fireman is a courage, responsible and self-discipline person. Each of fire department coins will be given out with a PVC polybag.  

Different challenge coins can be customized at GS-JJ. There are also firefighter coins for sale in the exhibition. The cheap coins are ordered without no minimum. If you need , you can order at GS-JJ!

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