RCUSBC Youth City Championships Wristbands

11 Oct 2018 - Services - Chirimiri

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  • RCUSBC Youth City Championships Wristbands

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Bowling ball, also known as ground ball, which is rolled on a boardwalk to hit the front bottles, is an indoor sport .Bowling ball is entertaining, interesting, challenging and skillful, giving people physical and mental exercise. These RCUSBC Youth City Championships Wristbands were made for the youth city bowling championships, the slogan of the championships was printed in white type on the swirled RCUSBC Youth City Championships Wristbands, while the front and back of the slogan are printed the bowling ball and bowling pins respectively, represented the item of this championships. Silicone wristbands are most commonly used in sports and competitions, in recent years, they have become the symbols of sports and leisure events, which is enough to indicate its popularity.These awesome wristbands made of soft, light and handy materials, would not affect any activities when people wear them, therefore, it is especially suitable for such large games and competitions. If you want more details about our cheap rubber wristbands, please feel free to contact us or call 1-8888-644755 directly.


Custom wristbands Size: 7"*1/2"


Thickness: 1.5mm


Style: Swirled and printed with one color wristbands