Varahi Devi Buildcon Pvt Ltd

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Varahi Devi Buildcon (VDB) is a professionally managed company with corporate Headquarters in Bangalore and has branches in the major cities of India apart from Malaysia and Australia. Varahi Devi Buildcon (VDB) is in its pursuit of excellence, has focused on technological advancement, innovation, and quality product initiatives to boost customer satisfaction.

Varahi Devi Buildcon (VDB) brings with an advantage of understanding the entire value chain from selection of material to producing the finished product and feels the pulse of the market. It is a realization leader in all the categories in which it operates.

Varahi Devi Buildcon (VDB) considers projects on the Renewable energy sector based on their ability to secure reliable and cost effective sources of biomass and their access to suitable and sustainable markets for the products to be produced.

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