Body Shaping in India | Dr. KM Kapoor

06 Jul 2020 - Health & Beauty - Chandigarh

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Body contouring involves cosmetic surgeries that help in removing the excess fat and sagging skin from the body, resulting in improved body shape, proportioned appearance with smooth contours. Dr. K. M Kapoor is a renowned plastic surgeon and provides the benefits of various body contouring procedures in India. One can avail the benefits of diverse range of cosmetic surgery such as liposuction, abdominoplasty, abdominal etching, arm lift, at Anticlock Age Reversal Clinic and Medispa under the supervision of expert surgeon Dr. K M. Kapoor. The clinic is a one-stop solution for the aesthetic solutions for individuals. Although exercising and dieting are useful for getting rid of unwanted weight, some fat deposits are highly resistant and may not react to weight loss. In such a case, one can consider undergoing body shaping treatment in India at Anticlock Age Reversal Clinic and Medispa.












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