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19 Jul 2019 - Other Vehicles - Burhanpur

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  • Race Medals | Wrestling Race Medals
  • Race Medals | Wrestling Race Medals

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Wrestling can be explained as falling on the ground, which is a competitive sports event. Wrestling is regarded as the earliest competitive sport worldwide. Two athletes fight with bare hands, according to certain rules, with a variety of techniques and methods to fall over the opponent. Of course, strength is very important. Nowadays, wrestling is added to the Olympic games.

Wrestling Race Medals are cheap medals, designed by GS-JJ. It is one of shiny & sandblast medals with silver finished. In the middle, we can see that there are two athletes. One athlete is lifting another athlete and wants to wrest him. Wrestling Race Medals have a red dye sublimated ribbon and a polybag. Wrestling Race Medals are one of custom sports medals, which is used as a souvenir.

GS-JJ is recognized by producing high quality custom medals. Their custom made medals are personalized. Different custom medals with different quantities are welcomed to order!

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