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U!Vantage is a Bangalore based start-up offering Content and Learning solutions. We specialize in e-Learning and online tutoring. We aim to address the needs of students by making technology and teachers an integral part of leaning process. We believe in using Open Source applications, all our products are developed using free and open source software. Our services can be divided in 3 vertical- Website design and content management, e-learning and School Management, and ERP solutions for SMEs. 

Website design and content management: There is a growing need for every business to have a presence in the internet domain. That is why having a website is very important, whether you are a start-up or a SME or a corporate. There is a chance that people will first judge a company through its website. We specialize in website that not only puts your company on cyber space but also increase customer awareness through newsletter and by posting enticing content on social media page etc. 

eLearning and school management: In a competitive world where education is a deciding factor, for students and for employees and employers, it is mandatory that we develop world class education delivery methods. We at U!Vantage have always emphasized that technology based delivery methods such as LMS, eLearning courses can be used as a far efficient learning aids and in some case even substitute a teacher (online tuition). However, by no means we aim to replace a teacher, we can assist a teacher by reducing her efforts and to let her concentrate on core aspects of teaching. Our School Automation System offers a 4-way solution to a school's needs - reduction of workload to the teaching staff, administrative solutions to the non-teaching, an overall outlook to the administrators and a complete availability of a students performance and records to the parents. In essence, a school management will be able to control the school from just a system. 

ERP Solutions: There are a lot of ERP solutions providers in the market, then how are we different? We cater exclusively to Small and Medium Enterprise. Our product is prepared and customized according to the needs of the clients identifying the bottle necks and problem areas before addressing them. We believe in 'working with the client' rather that 'working for the client'. 

Even though we are fairly new player in the market, we have a strong sense of our standing in the market, we do not believe in false promise and hidden fine-print, what is written in the contract is what is DELIVERED. 

We govern ourselves through our mission and values: 

Our mission: 
To provide high quality and visually inspiring learning aid to students and teachers as well as creating a community of individual with an enhanced thinking and reasoning capabilities. 

Our values: 
- Honesty 
- Transparency 
- Quality 
- Integrity

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