Big Eyes Owl Custom PVC Magnet

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  • Big Eyes Owl Custom PVC Magnet

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This is an owl with a big pair of eyes. Its ears and belly are pink, the rest parts is purple, and the round body with an orange feets looks cute.

Big Eyes Owl Custom PVC Magnet is rich in color. It can be used as a child's mapping tool to adsorb on magnetic objects or metal objects, such as metal plates, blackboards, refrigerators, etc., so that children can see and touch it at any time and anywhere, helping to deepen learning and memory. Not only that, it is also a memo assistant. You can record what you need to remind on the sticky note and use the PVC Magnet to pin it to the places you often see, reminding you not to forget important things.

In addition to the production of multi-functional PVC magnets, are one of the more popular ones. They can help you decorate a variety of clothing and change patterns at any time. PVC patches give you a variety of styles of clothing.

Size: 1.5"

Style: PVC Magnet

Attachment: No

Package: Individual Polybag

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