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27 Feb 2020 - Others - Ambasamudram

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  • Takashi Murakami Flower Stickers | custom clear stickers | Customsticker.com ™

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Takashi Murakami is a Japanese artist and founder of the Superflat. Takashi Murakami's works are bold and colorful. His most iconic works are sunflower flowers, which are colorful and popular with the modern art market and collectors. Colorful flower theme has become a major feature of Murakami's works, and our Takashi Murakami Flower Stickers are Murakami's most iconic works

This sticker is a combination of art and stickers, and you can see the perfect representation of Takashi Murakami's work, which is a sunflower with twelve different colored petals.

Our Takashi Murakami Flower Stickers is clear stickers, which is made of vinyl, covered with film, 100% waterproof, scratch-proof, removable and colorfast. You can put our stickers on your laptop, skateboard, or wherever you want to apply them. The stickers not only express your personality but also protect the surface being pasted.

If you want to turn some artwork or photos into custom clear stickers, come to Customsticker.com . Our company has advanced equipment and high-quality printing materials, your work will be turned into high-quality custom stickers.

Size: 3.5”

Style: clear stickers